Quilt stories

Every quilt tells a story. Here are some of the stories we have already told.


Wherever I Lay My Hat (There's A Cat)

Wherever I lay my hat (there’s a cat)

Charis had collected a lot of fabric while travelling around the world, both for work and for pleasure. When she bought her lovely (but compact) house, she had no space to store her textile treasures. She wanted to give her globetrotting days pride of place in her new home. The Butler Did It created this unique centrepiece wall hanging for Charis, using her international fabric stash. The featured cats come from a linen book Charis received as a gift while in Japan. They have been given the paw of approval by her own resident feline.

Dimensions: 145 cm x 100 cm



Memory quilt

Tom is 90 years old. When he moved into residential care for support with dementia, his family wanted him to feel secure. They told us stories from Tom’s past that he found easier to recall than day-to-day information, and gave us photographs to go along with these. We even incorporated some of Tom’s stylish shirts into the work to make use of their familiarity and their soft flannel texture.

Tom’s quilt has many roles to play. It is a reminder for him of familiar times and faces. It prompts conversation with his visitors, and it represents him in a more rounded way to the staff where he resides.

Tom’s daughter told us “The quilt you made speaks to Dad and for him.”

Dimensions: 120 cm x 165 cm