Our team

Laura Butler

I’ve been making and sewing all my life.
First creating clothes for my dolls;
later fashions for myself.
Somewhere in my teens, patchwork got a hold of me.

Decades later, with a lot of work
as a designer and artist in between,
I have returned again to the language of patchwork and quilting.

Using textiles as a medium enables me to create
objects that are beautiful, playful, colourful and tactile.
These are joyful pieces
both to make and to live with.
Quilts can’t help but tell stories. Let us tell yours.


Clodagh O’Connor

As a child I loved stories and their magic
and I haven’t given up on them yet.
I love to read and I write haiku and short stories

I’ve spent many years working as a telecoms engineer –
a job that never grows stale as technology is always changing

I enjoy crafts, love to cycle and walk
and am curious about so many aspects of the world

I am starting a new chapter in my life story
and look forward to hearing and shaping yours.