Introducing art + engineering

At The Butler Did It, we focus on making bespoke, personal, unique products for very special occasions. We are delighted our customers love our work and our aesthetic, and we know there are times and places that call for a more affordable solution that still delivers a beautiful, high-quality product.

We are hatching a cunning plan – art + engineering. This new string to our bow is firmly rooted in the same principles of design and manufacturing excellence, but will make use of digital fabric printing technologies to produce a diffusion range of products with our signature style.

art + engineering is in its infancy. We are prototyping our first range of products, called Fields of Green, which is based on the distinctive field patterns of the Irish landscape. Initially, we plan to offer our prints on cushion/pillow covers and on fleece throws.

art + engineering will have its own online presence as it develops, but we are too excited about the prospect right now to keep it to ourselves! Here’s a sneak peek at our very first prototype cushion/pillow, which comes in both velvet, and hand-finished quilted versions.